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Full Scale Architecture Business Cards

Scott Kyle, Principal at Full Scale Architecture in Richmond, VA, contacted us with an unusual idea…

He wanted to print business cards in the greenest possible way. Being a letterpress printer himself, he wished to employ our antique Chandler-Price in the process. Taking the idea of recycled paper to the next level, Scott saved up chipboard packaging cartons for months and sent them to us, all neatly trimmed down to 8×10 sheets. Some of them were cereal boxes, some from toys and ice cream pops. Our personal favorite was a PBR carton!

Scott designed a two color card that was printed in cyan with a very dark blue soy ink overprint for the type. We printed them on the back of the carton paper and round-cornered them. The result, we think, is a striking marketing piece that shouts green printing in a way most projects can’t.

Thanks to Scott for helping us challenge convention and create special identity materials. This is the kind of job that makes being a green printer fun! Check out Scott’s architectural work at

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