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We support the efforts of the National Resources Defense Council.

We feel that they are one of the most effective organizations out there working towards a greener planet. We were surprised to notice that some of the material included in a fund-raising mailing was on paper that was only 30% post-consumer recycled, so we emailed them to ask why. This was their response:

Thanks for contacting NRDC and I apologize for the delay in responding. In the past the paper quality for 100% recycled content was not good
enough or cost effective enough to print large quantities, but the technology has changed and we have started printing all new supplies on 100% recycled like invitations and cards, and will move to 100% recycled content once our current supplies are used up.

Thanks for letting us know which issues are most important to you, and for your support as a Member of NRDC.

(signed) NRDC Membership

While we do not do any printing for the NRDC, we would like to thank them for taking steps to support green printing in their fund-raising efforts. Give them your support at

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