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Merge Records poster

Legendary North Carolina label Merge Records has been kicking out indie releases since 1989.

Founders Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan of Superchunk fame helped us spread the word about our recycled paper music packaging since the earliest days. They were one of our first “green printing” customers. Chunk even played one of their first shows at our office party in 1989, before they added the “Super” to their name. On Merge’s 15th anniversary we wanted to be part of the celebration of their success, so we were honored when they called on Barefoot Press to produce the poster you see here. It took 5 hits of white ink to produce the subtle effect behind the color dots on this 100% post-consumer recycled Kraft text paper. It’s hard to see in the pic, but we’ll be glad to show it to you in person, so stop by and check it out! Check out more of Merge at

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