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Oxide postcards

Raleigh architect Charles Holden opened Oxide Architecture in 2006 after a number of years as a partner in Tonic Design.

Being marketing savvy, Charles knew he had to target his market very carefully so that his limited advertising budget could produce strong initial results. Rather than produce a single postcard and mail it to “resident” zip code lists, Barefoot Press sourced a highly targeted mailing list consisting of people that had expressed interest in his style of green, modern architecture through magazine subscriptions and inquiries. Then we filtered in new-arrivals to the area that were renting but considering purchasing or building homes. Making full use of the press sheet, we developed a series of four unique postcards which were mailed in series to this list. The campaign helped launch Charles’s now busy practice. The cards showcase four beautiful examples of Charles’s design work, printed in four color process with a spot varnish on recycled, dull-coated cover stock. More examples are at

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