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WUNC book cover and CD wrap cover

WUNC is one of the best-known public radio stations in the country.

They regularly produce award-winning documentaries, and NC Voices, Understanding Poverty is a series that listeners wanted to own. Because the project was based on photographs of Durham in the 1960s and now, we had an opportunity to design a booklet and multi-disk Rhinopack box set that was cost-effective without sacrificing visual impact. The 1960’s vintage black and white photos were juxtaposed next to the more recent color ones, poignantly illustrating just how little has changed in some of Durham’s poorer neighborhoods. We saved our customer money by printing all of the Rhinopacks in black ink only, while the booklet was printed in full color. The wrap shows the black and white image, and the DVD face shows the modern color image of the same neighborhood. In this way the print reflects the subject matter of the documentary. You can listen to excerpts at

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