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As we expected, we have gotten a couple of derogatory emails about the artwork that Charles Anderson created for our open house invitation.

The art depicts a pig that has been happily sliced up for your consumption. Hey, the pig’s happy, so can’t we all just get along???

Seriously, we do understand that there are vegetarians and animal rights activists within our green printing customer base. And honestly, we did think the art was a bit over the top. But after all, if Chuck at CSA wants to use this as an opportunity to espouse his vegetarian views, who are we to censor him? And anyway, it’s French Paper’s branding, not ours, so send your complaints to them why don’t you? Better yet, come tell Jerry French in person just how tasteless you think his agency is.

Freedom is freedom folks. You can’t please everyone. We might choose to take a safe road with our own marketing materials, but we have to hand it to French for going out on a creative limb. It’s one of the things we admire about this renegade little recycled paper mill. They walk their own road. And quite honestly, we think it’s hilarious. If it makes you think twice about your choices, great! That’s what good design should do.

We hope to see you Thursday, so come see us on the 18th and join the debate. We’ve got plenty of veggies for you.

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