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The Raleigh News & Observer recognized Barefoot Press in a recent story:

Green saves green – companies’ eco-friendly changes do more than make a social statement. In discussing the ways that companies can have a more positive environmental impact, reporter John Murowski gave a nod to Raleigh’s original green printer, writing: “Raleigh printing company Barefoot Press has used soy-based inks and recycled paper for 21 years. For most of its existence, making a moral case for slightly discolored paper was a liability…”

While we aren’t sure where the “slightly discolored paper” reference originated, we do find it interesting that the perception of recycled paper seems to include such negative connotations, even in this age of heightened eco-awareness. Of course, it isn’t necessary to print on dull or off-white paper in order to meet your goal of using 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We have very bright white options available too!

Thanks to John for the mention.

Clipping of News and Observer article mentioning Barefoot press

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